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The sauna is handmade to preserve the authenticity of the stables. The result is an open concept without a wooden sauna roof, but with vaulting. This gives a more open feeling. The sauna is equipped with light therapy and is adjustable to your mood. For comfort, the floors are in wood.

Springwater pool

What makes Interlude Spa truly unique is the spring water bubbling down from the cascade to the swimming pond. Bathing in open nature is an experience. The combination with the sauna and the massages will make the stress of modern life drop off.

Rain shower

The spring water can be enjoyed in all its forms. After the sauna, a bath or a dip in the pond, you can take a shower in hot or cold spring water.


A Spa or a Jacuzzi is supposed to be outdoors, because you need a breath of fresh air with this overwhelming flow of warm water. It’s all about balance. A hottub to loosen the muscles in combination with fresh air. These contrasts make it fun.
The spring water in rain shower is soft for the skin because it doesn’t contain chalk.
We recommend you to combine the Spa bath with the spring water pond. You’ll get a kick out of it.

The Garden Of Eden

Discover this little paradise on the top of the hill. Pure nature and quietness. Re-energiez yourself. Sauna, hot tub, swimming pond, relax. A unique and unseen environment, a true Wellness OASIS.


Lounging far away from stress. Quiet. Intimate. Private.


Looking for that extra touch?
7 thematic rooms are open for business if you’re open for this business. Go see


Wandering off with a book, get sunkissed or just lay back. Hang out. Get down, a gentle swing, enjoy.


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